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HYGROPRO-1-1-R-1-0-0-NACE-0 Intrinsically safe trace moisture transmitter

HYGROPRO-1-1-R-1-0-0-NACE-0 Intrinsically safe trace moisture transmitter

Brand: Roscid Technologies
Product Code: HYGROPRO-1-1-R-1-0-0-NACE-0
Availability: In Stock

HYGROPRO-1-1-R-1-0-0-NACE-0 Intrinsically safe trace moisture transmitter

Moisture transmitter is an intrinsically safe, compact, loop-powered moisture transmitter designed specifically to meet the demands of rugged industrial applications. With a technologically advanced aluminum oxide moisture sensor, state-of-the-art software and electronics, and a certified intrinsically safe electronics packaged

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Roscid Technologies

Roscid Technologies

Roscid Technologies is currently evaluating a NASA leading edge technology that may be beneficial to the Military and Pharmaceutical Industries in finding solutions for the most challenging applications  

Roscid Technologies manufacturers and sells high level analyzing equipment for the gas and humidity markets. Rocid has all GE Panametrics products, With over 35 years’ experience in the field, our knowledge and equipment allows customers to have the correct application for their process. We offer wide variety of products that feature the ability to detect and measure levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, and moisture with a high efficiency. Some of the more widely circulated products include the Oxygen Transmitter,an Oxymaster that allows us to measure O2 and moisture at trace levels and  DCM 28 which is a medical gas device that does both moisture and CO. Our unique flow through sensor allows for customers to re-calibrate and replace sensors without having to disconnect the unit from their system. The humidity sensors allow for fast and accurate in-line measurements of customers systems


Welcome to Mass Measure Gauge And Instruments

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