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B3A-6HB-01BI Variable Flow Monitors

B3A-6HB-01BI Variable Flow Monitors

Brand: Lake Monitors
Product Code: B3A-6HB-01BI
Availability: 4

Lake Monitors high-temperature flow meters enable flow monitoring of barrel heating fluids, thermal transfer fluids such as Syltherm

Accurate, dependable flow monitoring in operations up to 6000 psig and flow rates of up to 150 GPM
Part Number B3A-6HB-01-BI
Base Price $220.00
Style Basic In-Line (Liquid)
Port/Line Size Range 1/4" - 1/2"
Material Aluminum
Fluid Media Hydraulic Oil (0.873 Specific Gravity)
Thread Type 1/2" NPTF (Dry Seal)
Flow Range 0.05 to 1 GPM
Flow Direction Bi-directional flow (+$69.00)
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Lake Monitors

Variable Area flow meters, often referred to as “rotameters,” measure flow rate of a liquid or gas by relating linear displacement of an internal “float” or sharp-edged orifice plate (Lake) to a corresponding flow rate. As flow rate increases, the orifice area that the flow moves through also increases – thus, the term “Variable Area.” Variable Area meters either allow flow through a peripheral orifice formed between a tapered wall and a float as in the traditional rotameter, or an annular orifice and an internal tapered metering pin in the Lake Monitor. The attributes of the Variable Area flow meter are a linear relationship between flow rate, pressure differential and piston displacement. Flow rate is read on Variable Area meters by aligning the position of the piston/float to an adjacent calibrated scale.

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