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U.E. Systems LRM-2 Long Range Module

U.E. Systems LRM-2 Long Range Module

Brand: U.E. Systems
Product Code: LRM-2
Availability: 1
Overview :Product Highlights Advanced technology from UE Systems and National Aeronautics and Space Administration brings distant leaks and electrical transmissions close-up (like an ultrasonic telescope)

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U.E. Systems

From simple analog tools that help plant maintenance professionals conduct more accurate predictive maintenance programs to the world's most technologically advanced digital ultrasonic inspection systems, UE Systems has been the internationally recognized leader in the development of airborne and structure borne ultrasound detection equipment since 1973.

U.E. Systems: Preventative/Maintenance, Electrical Test Instruments, Consumables, Hand Tools,

Process Instruments, Cases, Carts, Safety, Misc. Accessories

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Welcome to Mass Measure Gauge And Instruments

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