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AW Gear Meters JV-CG Series JVM-10CG-25 BSPP Positive Displacement Flow Meter

AW Gear Meters JV-CG Series JVM-10CG-25 BSPP Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Brand: AW Gear Meters
Product Code: JVM-10CG-25 BSPP
Availability: In Stock

he AW Gear Meters JV-CG positive displacement flow meter offers a traditional sleeve bearing design at an affordable price. The JV-CG is an excellent choice for non-lubricating fluids such as solvent-based paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, resins, and isocyanates. The rugged construction of the JV-CG flow meter features stainless steel body and gears as well as tungsten carbide bushings and shafts. The simple sleeve bearing design is easy to flush and easy to maintain.

Flow ranges 0.001 to 20 GPM for non-lubricating fluids

Part Number
Base Price
Body Material
303 stainless steel
Flow Ranges
0.003 to 0.5 GPM (1/4" ports) (+$7.00)
Port Thread Types
Seal Material
Teflon® O-Rings
Explosion Proof
Not explosion proof
Port Size
Sensor Types
No Sensor Needed
No Sensor Needed
Configured Price

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AW Gear Meters

AW Gear Meters

 AW-Lake Company, we constantly strive to produce the highest quality flow measurement instrumentation for our customers, from the smallest flow meter order to the most comprehensive OEM flow meter solutions customized for specific applications. Our dedication to exceeding customer expectations is evident throughout our organization. We are part of a Global Network of world-class flow meter manufacturers, producing a wide variety of flow meter technologies, flow electronics, and wireless networks.

Welcome to Mass Measure Gauge And Instruments

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