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RKI Instruments ESU-23DH-SI2H6 Sensor,Si2H6 (disilane), 0-15.0 PPM,for GD-70D

Brand: RKI Instruments
Product Code: ESU-23DH-SI2H6
Availability: In Stock
Sensor, Si2H6 (Disilane), 0 - 15.0 PPM, for GD-70D

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RKI Instruments

RKI Instruments is an innovator in the field of gas detection and monitoring. The company provides highly advanced gas detection equipment, as well as instruments to meet specialized monitoring applications. It operates in partnership with Riken Keiki, a leading global developer of detection equipment and sensor technologies. RKI produces its reliable instruments with a dedication to safeguarding life, health and property from the effects of hazardous gases.WE offers a full selection of RKI gas detectors and monitors built for versatility, portability, safety and lengthy service. We also distribute the brand’s Direct Connect sensors that seamlessly interface with RKI controllers.

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