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weber Sensors flow-captor:4115.30/3

weber Sensors flow-captor:4115.30/3

Brand: Weber Sensors
Product Code: 4115.30/3
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weber flow-captor:4115.30/3

Flow-Captor 4114.30 / 4115.30

4114.30 / 4115.30

Water and Water-based liquids

(S115 oil calibrated ) Other media on request                                                                                

Analogue, 4-20mA output, 10:1 turn-down ratio

Operating Principle: calorimetric (thermal)

Measuring range: 0-20 to 0-200cm/s fully adjustable

Options: wetted materials, extended measuring range

Pipe Connection: 1" weld fitting (4115) - 1-1/4" (4114) 

Supply Voltage: 
18 - 30 VDC


Download Data Sheets:

English 4114.30
German 4114.30

English 4115.30
German 4115.30

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Weber Sensors

Weber Sensors

weber Sensors work in conjunction with some of the best known companies in the sectors such as Bombardier and Boeing. Helping to provide complete sensing capabilities in application areas such as transformer cooling, temperature and air monitoring.  Projects include hydro power generation, aviation and the Eurotrains high speed transport network, helping protect and monitor critical equipment on a constant basis.Within the worldwide steel Industry captor products are widely used and respected.

With over 25 years of experience covering all aspects of monitoring, weber products are the front line sensors for automation and security in this harsh unforgiving environment.Reliability, engineered solutions and durability are synonymous with all our products.We have produced the first two-wire proximity sensors (proxi-captor), hot metal detectors (foto-captor) and flow monitoring systems (flow-captor),specifically for steel industry applications. Further developments include strip guiding systems, laser systems and flow/temperature monitoring.If its tracking through production systems, monitoring of position or lubrication/cooling systems, then weber can provide all your industrial sensing needs.

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